Nashville Engagement – Hope & Weston

Back in February, Hope happened to see me when I was shooting Stephanie and Nick’s engagement session. Little did I know that Hope and Weston had gotten engaged the night before! She stopped me in the park and asked for a card, and several weeks later we exchanged emails and met for coffee about their upcoming engagement shoot. {Lesson for the day: Always have your business cards with you.}:)

Even though Weston and Hope are from the same town in Louisiana, they didn’t meet and start dating until college. Fast forward a few years, switch states, and add some grad school…and here they are in Nashville together.  If I had to choose a word to describe Hope, it probably would be sweet. Not a “bless her heart” Southern kind of sweet…but a genuinely kind-hearted sweet. Even from the short amount of time we spent together her kindness was very apparent. I am pretty sure Weston would agree, and several times during their shoot I caught a “I just won the lottery” look on his face as he looked at his gorgeous bride.

I think y’all will agree…Hope looks beautiful in these photos. Enjoy!

So these two totally get cool points for hiking up a trail {in heels and nice clothes} to get a few shots by an awesome fireplace in the middle of the woods.

Ladies, check out the detail on this gorgeous antique band. Love. It.

April 3, 2012 - 9:57 pm

Milli - It might just be me…but those baby blues and bangs remind me a little of T. Swift (in a great, beautiful way). Aly, love the photo of the band, so gorgeous.

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