Nashville Portrait Photography: Melissa

One of my favorite things about this girl is that even though we only lived in the same city for a year, we have continued to be friends in the 4 years since, despite the distance. Melissa is one of those people that is great at being a friend. Period. She is creative, loyal, funny, and puts effort into relationships with people. In short, she is awesome.

Melissa indulged me in a photoshoot when she came to visit Labor Day weekend. She needed some headshots for her new business, and I needed a creative outlet where I could experiment with some new photo techniques. So we headed out to various locations around Nashville, hoping that it wouldn’t rain.

{Warning: Photo Geek alert} The technique above is called the Brenizer Method. It was created by this guy, and basically is an interesting use for panoramic stitching to create some cool depth-of-field in a shot. The image above was created by stitching together about 8-10 shots. Definitely going to try this one again!

Whilst sitting on this lovely ledge, Melissa and I made  friends with a nice homeless man who wanted to chat. He proudly declared that he could get her to laugh without touching her at all (my thought: please, please, don’t touch her!). So, coming up to stand next to me while I shot, he wiggled his finger and said “Goochee goochee goo!” over and over…and over. Resulting in the following photos:

Definitely going to have to try that one next time I have a client that won’t smile. Ha.


She also patiently let me try something called “freelensing,” where you shoot through your lens held up to your camera, but not attached to it. When done right, it can look a little bit like a tilt-shift lens. I obviously need some practice with this one (as evidenced by the black spot below), but I really like the look of it.

So, in conclusion:

-I am a photo geek.

-Melissa is pretty and awesome, and pretty awesome.

Happy Monday!

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