My favorite time of year…and part of the reason we bought our house.

I love warm weather. LOVE IT. Being from the coast, its really not my fault that I feel this way. Part of the reason I like spring/summer so much is the flowers. Nashville is gorgeous in the spring due to the fact that everything from trees to flowers to weeds are in bloom {the downside, of course, is terrible allergies.} I love looking at people’s gardens when I go for my daily walk with Buster.

Almost two years ago, we started the house hunting process. When we toured the house that is now ours, I was a little {read: a LOT} turned off by the interior paint colors and decor. Random clouds painted on the hallway ceiling, orange and yellow sponge-paint, and a bathroom with 3 different types of wallpaper just were not giving me the warm fuzzies. However, my husband {logical, calm, research-driven} saw that the house had good bones, was located right next to an elementary school, and on an awesome street. And it was a great deal. {The man loves a good bargain.}

So what did I do to try and forget about the month-long painting marathon that would ensue after we closed? Stare at this beauty:

Right outside our front door, was an enormous climbing rosebush. Even after being slightly damaged in the torrential downpour of the great Nashville flood (yes, we were house hunting in the middle of it), it was gorgeous. And in the two years since, it has only gotten more beautiful.

So what do you do with more roses than you can count? Put them in a mason jar of course. On some burlap.

{Yes, I am obsessed with pinterest. Don’t judge me.} Happy Thursday!

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