My husband recently suggested that we not buy any new clothes for 2012. I won’t tell you what my first response was, but let’s just say it wasn’t very polite.:)But in the days after, that “ridiculous” idea wouldn’t leave me alone…which meant that it maybe wasn’t so ridiculous and I probably needed to do it.

As a girl,  {and especially a girl that lives in the US}, I have a LOT of clothes.

{And yes I organize my clothes by color. And yes I might be OCD}

And I like them. So the thought of giving up the shopping habit for an entire year seemed daunting. But then I started to think about why I bought clothes in the first place? Its not because I really truly deep down need them.

I wonder sometimes if we use stuff to serve as distractions from dealing with the real issues at hand. We feel bad about ourselves, so we go shopping. We buy clothes to make us look better, the latest gadget to make us feel cooler, or entertainment items to keep us busy. What is the root cause of these feelings?

I do know that no matter how much stuff you buy, your heart will still be left wanting. You will end up with nothing more than a spirit of discontentment and a garage full of junk.

Source: Pinterest

So this year, I am trying to cultivate gratitude and thankfulness for the {many} things I have.

Besides, as with any good rule, the “no buying clothes in 2012” is allowed some exceptions. #1: Giftcards {leftover from Christmas and received for my birthday in June}. #2: Argentina. We are taking a trip this year and I am allowed to get a few things while we are there. {It isn’t every day you go to South America you know.}

So to start the year off right, I hosted a rockin’ clothing swap {best.idea.ever} in January and got a lot of new {to me} clothes and jewelry for free! I was first introduced to the idea of clothing swaps by my super fun neighbor, and as soon as I agreed to my husband not buy any clothes this year, you better believe I was making the facebook invite that very same day. I ended up with some great finds, including this little gem below:

Besides the fact that I love anything with a bird on it, it reminds me that not buying clothes is not restrictive, but creative and freeing. I am kind of excited about stretching my creative muscles and figuring out new combinations with the clothes I already own. So, if you see me in the Anthropologie sale room clutching my Christmas gift card and sweating over if I really need that shirt or not, you can tell me that I only have 11.5 months to go.:)

January 26, 2012 - 8:58 pm

Marisa Ray - Cute. I kind of did the same thing with makeup. I had a long lasting love affair with Sephora and makeup counters, and just told myself I wasn’t going to buy any more makeup until I’d used what I had in my drawer at home. It worked, I’m no longer even tempted by it.

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