We are family….

The holidays can get a little crazy back in South Carolina. Between my parents house and my aunt and uncle’s (who live next door), there are 16 adults, 7 kids, and 7 dogs, and up until quite recently, a rabbit. {The rabbit was given away. Not eaten by the 7 dogs…in case you were wondering}. This was my {introverted} husband’s first Christmas with us, and needless to say…he might have gotten a little overwhelmed at times. A group of extroverts playing a board game at 9:30pm, all talking at the same time, and purposely not following the rules could send any one over the edge.

Craziness aside, the kids are both hilarious and adorable. I was able to photograph them as they opened presents and do a few family portraits on Christmas eve for some of my cousins and their kids. Enjoy!


I’m guessing all she wanted for Christmas was her two front teeth?:)

This little guy is slightly into pirates right now, and continually exclaimed “Argh, Matey!” all during the Christmas eve service at church. #wishIcouldhaverecordedthat

The littlest one wasn’t too sure about my camera at times….

“Listen. I am done with this whole photo-taking thing.”


And to wrap up, I realized on the way back home that I did not take one single photo of myself, my husband, sister or parents. Guess there is always next year.:)

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